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Choose the right squad.

And by ‘right’ we don’t necessarily mean the fittest, most athletic teammates you can find. But the right mix of colleagues who have the right chemistry. At points along the course things won’t go according to plan, things will be challenging and plans will fall apart. Make sure you have teammates who gel well with each other and maybe even like each other a little bit. (I realize it’s easy to hate everyone at work but you get my drift). When you start to struggle it’s a lot less stressful when you’re sharing that struggle with people you like.


Work to your strengths while training.

Jane is good with the rope but not so much at the rings? Let Jane spend most of her time getting even faster at the rope instead of struggling with the rings.

Yes, you say, but what if something happens to one of the other team members and we need Jane to jump in and do the rings just to get through it. Well, you can always do burpees..

But seriously, make sure you’re all reasonably competent at most of the obstacles but then let the team members who are already good at certain skills focus on becoming great at them instead of being average at everything.


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Having said that make an, ‘If x then y’ plan.

You can’t predict everything that could possibly go wrong but you should have a loose back up plan for the major catastrophes that could occur; What if Sharon breaks a nail and has a meltdown?

What if the chickens at Peg escape?

What if they run out of BioSteel?

Make sure you know exactly what you’re fallback is in these and other critical situations


Actually, you know, maybe get some training in beforehand?

This secret technique is usually the last thing anyone thinks about but funnily enough, IT WORKS!


Do some research!

Go to YouTube and look at all the tips you can find on how to get through the obstacles. A lot of the time there are techniques, tips and tricks that make the obstacles a lot easier and less tiring.

Go figure them out beforehand, especially if you’re not in the best shape of your life.

Alternatively, bribing the Race Director for the course layout might be a strategy to consider.


So go gather your squad and let’s see if yours is the Fittest Company in Barbados.

Or you know, just get together with some colleagues and do something that brings you together in a fun, exciting way.

Hey, it’s better than another boring Zoom meeting.

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