Choose your Race!

Race for Glory

Seasoned BAR.BAR.iANS, competitive athletes, and anyone looking to challenge themselves against the clock and against his/her peers.
Make the podium, qualify for your country or win your age group!


Race for Fun

Join our Open Wave if you want to just have fun on the obstacles, if you’re trying BAR for the first time or if you and some friends want to run the course together.

Corporate Race

Is yours the fittest company in BARBADOS?

Join the Republic Bank Corporate Challenge if you think your work colleagues are true BAR.BAR.iANS, if you are looking for a fun team building event or if you want to show the other guys who’s boss!



In the spirit of the competition we ask that you field participants who actually, you know, work at your company.


Teams must be comprised of two males and two females if you are competing for the podium. If not, put them together however you want