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First BAR event ?

Follow these five tips to get the most out of your race

1. Make it all about you!

Huh? Aren’t these races all about the camaraderie, support and encouragement the athletes give each other on the course. Well, the answer is, it depends.

The Open Wave is a true love fest, with strangers giving each other tips, helping each other over obstacles and high fiving each other all the way to the finish line.

The competitive wave..? Well, not so much.

While the ‘serious’ athletes are just as friendly and welcoming to the event, they also want to go fast, they want to test themselves and most of them want to win.

They’re not chatting to you on the course.

So choose the experience you want from the race and make sure you enter the wave that appeals to you.

2. You want to be challenged but not crushed.

Haven’t run in 2 years?Maybe do the 3K Singles.

Carrying a little niggle but still want to compete?

Maybe do the team event so you can share the load.

The most fun in these events comes from pushing yourself through a course that challenges you physically and mentally but still allows you to recover quickly enough to have a drink and tell your stories with your buddies afterwards.

Biting off more than you can chew in an obstacle course race can leave you exhausted, sore for days or even worse (heaven forbid)

So go out there and challenge yourself, but at the level that feels right to you.

3. Having said that, it’s probably not as hard as you think.

I know you’ve seen videos of people failing the tyre wall and you’ve probably heard stories about the slick wall but MOST of the course is actually pretty easy.

I remember going to a Spartan Race and getting to an obstacle where several people were just standing staring at it.

‘Jeez,’ I thought ‘this must be brutal as RH but I can’t stand around here all day!’

I ran and launched myself with all the speed I could muster, which by the way, was way too much.

It was easy. Like really easy in fact. Like most of the obstacles in BAR

4. Do some training.

You don’t have to train 6 days a week to be able to do BAR. Some of us just want to finish and get that T shirt. But 30 burpees for each missed obstacle should be enough incentive to get a few sessions in to master the basic skills. I mean, who wants to do an obstacle course race without actually being able to do ANY of the obstacles? So put aside some time to join a BAR Outdoor Training session or go one on one with a certified World Obstacle Coach (list available on request) and your race and will be so much more fun


5. Go all in.

Order the new shoes, buy all the gear and start calling yourself a BAR.BAR.iAN! This is a pretty cool sport; fun, challenging and exciting. You’re probably going to get hooked. Even if you don’t and this turns out to be a once in a lifetime bucket list experience for you, you should still go all the way.


Having the right gear will give you the best chance of success and make the whole weekend way more fun.

Now stop thinking about it and go register.

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